3/8” size limestone that is clean. Great for pathways and pipe beddings.

2A Modified

A crushed grey stone that is grape size down to dust. It is commonly used for filling holes in driveways. It also makes a great base because it compacts very well. Mixture made of a combination of crushed stone and stone dust.



2B Clean

A crushed grey stone that is grape size. It is commonly used for parking lots and driveways, or other uses such as pipe backfill or under concrete. It’s also used under decks and sheds.

Crushed Concrete 2A Modified

Recycled and crushed concrete. Compacts very well and cheaper then 2a modified. Good for bases that you need compacted.


A finely crushed stone dust material that is commonly used for topping a paver base, pipe beddings, electric trenches, and wire bearings.