Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Cubic Yard is 3ft. Wide X 3 ft. Long X 3ft. High
  • 1 Cubic Yard is 27 Cubic Feet
  • 1 Cubic Yard is Approximately (40 qty) 5 Gallon Buckets
  • 1 Cubic Yard is Approximately (13-1/2 qty) 2 Cubit Feet Bags

How much does 1 yard of mulch cover?
1 yard of mulch covers a 10′ x 10′ area at 3 inches deep.

The best time for lawn seeding is April to mid-May and September to mid-October.

1 Bale of Straw will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of new lawn.

What size wall does a pallet of natural stone wall cover?
1 pallet of natural stone builds a 1 ft. High X 1 ft. Wide X 20 ft. Long wall.

How much area does a pallet of irregular flagstone cover?
A pallet of irregular flagstone covers on average 75 sq. ft. to 125 sq. ft.

Estimates of Weight are as follows (per cubic yard):

  • Screened Topsoil – 2,500 lbs
  • Sand – 3,000 lbs.
  • Riverstone – 3,000 lbs
  • Mulch – 750 lbs.

A standard size pickup truck bed holds 2 Cubic Yards;
Smaller pickups hold 1 Cubic Yard.

Benefits of using mulch?
Mulch keeps the soil cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter, providing better growing conditions for your plants. Mulch reduces the growth of weeds, and makes you landscaped beds look beautiful and finished. Decaying mulch also adds nutrients to the soil.

FAQ’s about delivery…

Can you dump the material where I want?
Yes and No. We try to accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. If the ground is hard and there is nothing in the trucks way of dumping, then we will certainly do that for you. If the driver sees that the ground is too soft, there are overhanging tree limbs and wires or if there is simply not enough space then the driver will need to put it in a more stable area. 

Can I have more than one material delivered at the same time? 
Sorry, no. There are no dividers in the dump truck beds and the act of the bed rising to an almost vertical position causes all the material in the bed of the dump to mix. 

How much mulch and stone does your truck hold?
We have several trucks for deliveries. Each can hold a different quantity, so if you tell us how much you need we can decide what truck would be best. There is no minimum for delivery. 

FAQ’s about mulch…

How much mulch do I need?
We recommend you mulch at least 3 inches deep. At this depth one cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet. To figure how much to buy you will need to find the square footage of the area you wish to mulch. Divide that number by 100 and this will be how many cubic yards you need. ie: L x W Divided by 100

How should I apply mulch?
The area(s) should be cleared of all weeds, leaves and grass. If you are preparing an area on an established lawn, make sure you strip the sod completely. Edge around the entire border of your landscape area. If you are replenishing the mulch on an existing area, be sure to loosen up the old mulch. Using your hands to spread the mulch produces the best results. Use a thickness of 2 to 5 inches, not allowing the mulch to make direct contact with the plants. This avoids disease problems. 

What are some of the benefits of mulch?
• Prevents weeds from growing.
• Adds nurturance to your soil and plants.
• Maintains an even temperature in the soil. (Warm in the winter and cool in the summer)
• Protects the soil from soil erosion.
• Conserves moisture.
• Makes your garden, trees or landscaped beds look beautiful and finished!

How many bags of mulch do I need to cover 1 yard?
Bagged mulch usually comes in 2 cubic foot and 3 cubic foot sizes.
2 cubic foot bags = 14
3 cubic foot bags = 9 

Is your mulch treated?
No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals. 

What’s the difference between hardwood bark mulch, hardwood mulch, and colored mulch ?
Hardwood “bark” mulch is made from the bark that comes off of hardwood trees when they are taken to the sawmills. Hardwood mulch can be any mulch containing any kind of hardwood. It can be bark and white wood or just the white wood. Colored mulch is a hardwood mulch that is dyed. 

How many yards will my truck hold?
A standard size pick up bed holds 2 cubic yards. A small pick up bed holds one. For stone it may only hold only a ½ yard or if it’s a bigger pick up 1 cubic yard may fit. 

How often will I need to mulch? 
This will depend on what kind of mulch you get and how fresh you like your landscape to look. To keep “bark” mulches looking fresh you will need to mulch once every year since they tend to break down quicker enriching the soil below. Colored mulches may fade. To keep them looking good you may need to top-dress them once every year. Top dressing is applying about an inch of material on top of existing material.

Sometimes I get mold on top of mulch. What is it and is it harmful? 
When it gets very hot and humid a fungus sometimes grows on top of mulch. It looks yellowish brown in color and can be unpleasant to look at. It can easily be gotten rid of by hitting it with a hoe or with a blast of water from a hose. This fungus is not harmful.

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